Sliding Patio Door

Sliding Patio Door

Easily the most popular and recognized window, the Double-Hung has a natural elegance that can be augmented with grids to provide the classic colonial design. The sashes feature tasteful locking hardware that is built flush into the window to give you a bigger view, including high-tech tilt-locks that allow hassle-free cleaning.

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Interior Colors


Exterior Colors - Custom Paint







All windows are available in white interior color. Our exterior finish could be any color and are of the highest quality, with durable, long-lasting color that won’t fade and is robust enough to withstand whatever the elements may bring.


Grid Designs




Contoured 5/8″

Grid Design Options
Decorative grids lend an added measure of style and dimension to your windows. All grids are enclosed within the insulated glass unit for zero maintenance and cleaning. Choose a grid profile to achieve your ideal finished look.

Contour Grid
Available in Colonial, Single and Double Prairie patterns

Energy Savings

Energy Savings Features & Options

Energy Star Certified

Super Spaces

Triple Glaze

Energy Star Certified
As a manufacturer in the Midwest, we take pride in making our windows and doors capable of withstanding the most extreme weather. Not only are we a proud Energy Star partner but our products are Energy Star qualified in all 50 states. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your windows are made up to the highest Energy Star standards in the US.
Super Spacer Triple Glaze
A spacer keeps a window’s dual glass panes the correct distance apart for optimal airflow between panes. Too much or too little airflow can affect the insulating glass efficiency. The design and material of the spacer can also make a big difference in the ability to handle expansion and contraction and thus reducing condensation. All of our products come equipped with our high performance Super Seal.


Therma Kraft offers a transferable lifetime warranty on its residential window and door products. Therma Kraft guarantees that each window and door is of good material and workmanship and free from defects that would render such window and/or door unserviceable for recommended use.

Immediately upon discovering window and/or door defect contact in writing your dealer or distributor from whom the window and/or door was purchased or to:
Therma Kraft Corp, 740 Bonnie Ln, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


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